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Zolotukhino Woman’s Monastery

St. Alexy The Man of God Woman’s Monastery in Zolotukhino

New Monastery opened in Zolotuhino Village, Kursk Region

His Eminence German, Archbishop of Kursk and Rylsk, consecrated the throne of the temple in the name of the Holy Prophet and Forerunner John in the newly constructed women's monastery in the name of the Holy Venerable Alexy, a man of God.

The first service of the monastery attracted many visitors. The monastery grew up in a place where there was not any monastery or temple. The founder of the monastery His Eminence Schemametropolitan Iuvenaly was praying at the altar on this great and solemn day of the first Divine Liturgy. His efforts allowed this snow white monastery to be erected in such a short time. 

In the Kursk region it is the second new monastery. The first women's monastery in the name of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God opened in the village Bolshegneushevo Rylskogo.

The monastery is like a candle, the light of the world. During the construction of the holy monastery, the sisters began to do useful and good deeds for the villagers without leaving the daily care of the needs of the monastery. The taught Sunday school, handicraft classes for children and much more.

Archbishop of Kursk & Rylsk German gave a gift to the temple, a set of silver liturgical vessels. Abbess sister Elizabeth (Semenov), presented Archbishop German with icons of the Holy Prophet and the Forerunner John. The guests also presented their gifts to the monastery.

A large group of philanthropists and builders who participated in the construction of the women's monastery in the name of St. Alexy, a man of God, was awarded the Patriarch and Archbishop awards. Among them are residents from Kursk, Muscow, and Belgorod - all who have made their contributions feasible in the construction of the beautiful snow white monastery

We got a big surprise when we went to Zolotukhino, Russia for some home repairing supplies. We also wanted to visit the St. Andrew The Man of God Woman’s Monastery that is there. The town is about 15 miles North from Svodoba toward Moscow.  It has apopulation of about 4700. This is a newer women's monastery and they started by turning an old school building into a monastery in this small town. The monastery needed many repairs as it was started from an old unused school building.

To our great surprise this year it has a very large new main Church built there called John the Baptist.  The first week in July they had the Bishop Herman of Kursk & Rylsk Regions and Hireomonk Philip did the commemoration service.  It has a large new pilgrimage rooms at both ends of the Church for men and women pilgrims. This is the woman’s monastery that the last Bishop Iuvenaly of Kursk & Rylsk started the path to build this new monastery and now a new Church.  Hireomonk Roman is the priest here and we have known him for about ten years, as he was a Hireomonk at Korennaya Hermitage a few years ago. This is by far the best building that I saw in this town. Christ is alive and spreading thru out Russia!

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