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St. Joakim & St. Anna Church
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Welcome! St. Joakim & St. Anna Church - Svodoba Village in Kursk, Russia

This is the location of were the second half of the Kursk Root Icon was found when it was split in half. A new chapel was then built on the original site of the icon's appearance and here it remained for about 200 years.

She entered into marriage with Saint Joakim (their mutual memory is made 9 September), who was a native of Galilee. For a long time Saint Anna was childless, but after a span of some 20 years, through the fervent prayer of both spouses, an Angel of the Lord announced to them the Conception of a Daughter, Who would bring blessing to all the human race.

The Church of "The Sign" is located about a mile before you enter the village of Savoda. This is were the other half of the Kursk Root Icon was found. Please make sure you arrange time to visit this Holy Church. This is a remarkable Church for being in a small village. Its Icons are so big and beautiful throut the whole Church. Please if you have a chance when visiting the monastery take save some time and have a look at this wonderful Orthodox Christain site with so much to enjoy and so full of history. Visit the St. Joakim & St. Anna Photos pages for a view of what you will see but the real beauty for the soul is to visit in person.

History of Saint Joakim & Saint Anna Church

In the year 1383, the province of Kursk was subjected to a new invasion of Tartars. They decided to set fire to the Korennaya Chapel, but it refused to burn, even though they piled up fuel all around it, and so the superstitious barbarians fell upon the priest Bogoliub, accusing him of sorcery. The pious priest denounced their foolishness and pointed out the Icon of "The Sign" Mother of God to them. The malicious Tartars laid hold of the holy icon and cut it in two, casting the pieces to either side. The chapel then caught fire and the priest Bogoliub was carried off a prisoner.

In his captivity, the God-loving elder kept the Faith, placing his hope on the all-holy Mother of God, and this hope did not fail him. Now, one day as he was guarding flocks and passing the time by singing prayers and doxologies in honor of the Mother of God, there passed by some emissaries of the Tsar of Moscow.

They heard this chanting, arranged to ransom the priest from captivity, and Bogoliub returned to the former site of the chapel. There he found the pieces of the miraculous icon which the Tartars had cast away. He picked them up and straightway they grew together, although the signs of the split remained. Learning of this miracle, the residents of Rylsk gave glory to God and to His all-pure Mother. Again they attempted to transfer the holy icon to their city, but once more the miraculous image returned to its former place. A new chapel was then built on the original site of the icon's appearance and here it remained for about 200 years.


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