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Orthodox Church of the World
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World Orthodox Churches
There are 15 Autocephalous (self-governing) and
4 Autonomous (self-ruling) Orthodox Churches around the World.

Autocephalous Churches
Church of Constantinople
Church of Alexandria
Church of Antioch
Church of Jerusalem
Church of Greece
Church of Russia (& in Russian)
Russian Church Outside Russia

Church of Poland
Church of Bulgaria
Church of Serbia
Church of Romania
Church of Cyprus
Church of Georgia
Church of Albania
Church of Czechlands & Slovakia
Orthodox Church in America

Autonomous Churches
Church of Sinai
Church of Finland
Church of Japan

Current Church Structure

The Orthodox Church of today consists of fourteen or fifteen autocephalous churches and five autonomous churches, sometimes referred to as jurisdictions. Autocephalous churches are fully self-governing in all they do, while autonomous churches must have their primates confirmed by one of the autocephalous churches, usually its mother church. All the Orthodox churches remain in full communion with one another, sharing the same faith and praxis. There have been occasional breaks in communion due to various problems throughout history, but they generally remain brief and not developing into full schism.

Main Orthodox Church Links


Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
The Church of Constantinople ******* The Church of Alexandria
The Church of Antioch**************** The Church of Jerusalem
The Church of Georgia ** The Church of Serbia
The Church of Romania *** The Church of Bulgaria
The Church of Czechlands & Slovakia **********

The Church of Finland

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