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Maps - Kursk to Korennaya Hermitage in Soboda, Russia
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Below is a close up map of Kursk, Russia. If you go North of Kursk and veer a little East you will see a small town named Svoboda, this is the village that the Korennaya Hermitage is located. It is about a 35k drive and by bus takes about one hour to reach and about 30 minutes by car.

Below is a close up map of the small village of Svoboda were the Korennaya Hermitage is located. If you go South out of Svoboda thru Dolgoje South thru Tazovo Keep going South at Zemovec go left at the "Y" witch heads SW to Kursk.


From Kursk go North out of the city and you will go down a large hill and cross the river as you leave the city.

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