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The Korennaya Hermitage was established around 1597 but there has been a Church there since the Kursk Root Icon was found in 1295. The Hermitage was shut down by the communist party for 70+ years and many repairs still need to be done to the buildings and the grounds. The History of the Korennaya Hermitage is very long as the Hermitage was started around 1597. The first Hermitage Church was dedicated to the Life Saving Kursk Root Spring Water, so a church was built above the same spring that had appeared when the Kursk Root Icon was first found.

Although today's meaning is usually a place where a hermit lives in seclusion from the world, hermitage was more commonly used to mean a settlement where a person or a group of people lived religiously, in seclusion. The monastery was called the Kursk Root Hermitage in honor of the manifestation of the icon at the root of the tree. There are over 30 Orthodox Monks and Orthodox Priests at the monastery and many more Orthodox Pilgrims helping care for the monastery. There are Orthodox Nuns located a few miles away at the monastery Skete.

The Kursk Root Hermitage is located in Svodoba, Russia which is about 30km from Kursk, Russia. This is a very important Holy Orthodox Monastery site! It is also called the Korennaya Hermitage by many Russians. The word Korennaya means root in Russian. Visit the Hermitage Photos to see some of the beauty at this ancient monastery. This Monastery is the third most revered Holy Monastery in Russia. There are many Famous Monasteries in Russia and there area lot of Moscow Monasteries.

Every year on Friday of the nineth week after Pascha, the Icon of "The Sign" is solemnly borne in procession from the Kursk Znamensky Cathedral of "The Sign", to the place of it's original manifestation at the Korennaya Hermitage in Svoboda, where it remains until September 13th. On September 13th, it is again solemnly returned to the city of Kursk. This procession was instituted in the year of 1618. Russia has many Orthodox Processions. Russia is Blessed and is full off Russian Sacred Things. Don't forget about the Korennaya Fair on Saturday that happens in Svodoba, Russia the day after the Kursk Root Icon Procession.

Korennaya Hermitage Bell Tower was build so that you will walk thru the center in order to reach the Hermitage Church's and Holy Kursk Root Spring. Inside the Bell Tower archway are old Icon paintings that are now in the process of being restored. Orthodox Music is vocals only during services. See the Music What Dose It Mean Page. Orthodox Bell Ringing in the Orthodox Church has a rich tradition and can be a very important part of the service.

The Kursk Root Icon History is rich in Russian and Orthodox History. For a detailed description of this Holy Icon History: A hunter from Rylsk noticed an icon lying face down on the ground next to the root of a tree. The hunter picked it up and found that it was an icon of the "SIGN", such as was enshrined and venerated in the city of Novgorod. At this time, the icon's first Kursk Root Miracle happened, for no sooner had the hunter picked up the sacred image than there immediately gushed forth with great force an abundant spring of pure water. This took place on September 8th in the year 1295.

There are eight Holy Springs near the monastery and there are trails to most all of the springs sites. Many people visit the Korennaya Hermitage for the day and bring the Holy water back to there homes. There have been many miracles from the Kursk Root Spring Water. The Kursk Root River is small but a nice swimming place and many vistors swim in it during the warm summer months.

The Schedule of Services at Kursk Root Hermitage has Liturgy Service in the morning and Vespers Service in the evening, seven days a week 364 days a year. The Korennaya Hermitage Members invite you to come and visit their home and attend the services. Make sure you visit the Korennaya Hermitage Visitor page before you come to visit.
There is a lot to see about the monasteries history at the Historical Cultural Center witch is just across the street from the monastery main front entrance. The original Kursk Root Hermitage Cemetery cemetery was destroyed during the WWII but it has has a new beginning with the ending of communism and the free Russia. The Battle of Kursk 1943 was the largest tank battle in human history, and a critical turning point in World War II. It also, included the most costly single day of aerial warfare in history There is a Historical WWII Museum located next to the monastery.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov (1759–1833) was born and raised in Kursk. He is one of the most venerated of Russian saints and one of the most beloved Orthodox once of recent times. He is credited with acquiring in a most full way the grace and the Spirit of God. He spent a thousand days and nights standing on his knees on the rock praying to God for forgiveness.

Don't miss the story about the Woman-Elder Misalia of Kusk. With her prayers she helped thousands of people in difficult moments of their lives, particularly during the terrible years of World War II. You can listen to a narrative that is taken from a book of recollections of her granddaughter Ludmilla Sokolova which was published in Moscow in 2005.

Rebuilding of the Kursk Root Hermitage is a large project as the Monastery buildings were not maintained during the 70+ years of the communist rule in Russia and the martyrdom of Russian Orthodox Church. What a remarkable turn around the Korennaya Hermitage in 2010 has received. Next year even the Holy Springs are scheduled to be remodeled and updated!

Progress is now being made each year but there are many needed repairs are put off because of lack of money. Please Support Kursk Root Hermitage in any way you can. God Bless! Pray For Kursk Root Hermitage and its members as they work to restore this Holy Orthodox Christian site. Many repairs were done this summer from additional support from the main Russian Orthodox Church See the 2006 Summer Update Report for the more information and the 2006 Summer Photos. Also get the latest information from the 2009 Summer Report on the Korennaya Hermitage. There is a new large John the Baptist Church in Zolotukhino, Russia for a new woman's Monastery of St. Alexiy The Man of
God .

There are many old Orthodox Monasteries and Orthodox Churches in Russia to visit. If you are coming to visit Korennaya Hermitage from outside of Russia, then you most likely will travel thru Moscow to get to the Metro to the Kursk Train Station, and take a train to Kursk. Then a bus ride to the Monastery. There is a new large hotel that just opened up this summer in Svodoba. It's right behind the bus station as you enter Svodoba from Kursk.

The Future of the Kursk Root Hermitage depends only on the Korennaya Support that it receives from the Orthodox Christians from Russian Church and all the Orthodox World Churches. Follow the Directions to the Kursk Root Hermitage for a rewarding pilgrimage! Check the web site Site Map at the bottom of the pages for additional information. Contact the Kursk Root Hermitage if you have any questions or concerns and check out AZ Kombucha for your health.

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