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Historicial Cultural Center
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Radical of the Deserts:

Historical cultural center "Radical of Deserts" is the establishment of committee on the culture of the Kurskaya District. The Center was based in 1990 and the freedom of Zolotukhinsk region is 27 km from Kursk, Russia. The Center considers the enlightenment activity, connected with the historical and spiritual heritage of this region of Kurskaya district, its basic task. In the building IKTS "radical of deserts" is located drawing room, showrooms, small tconcert hall. Thousands of pilgrims yearly attend the radical of deserts, and without fail it is desirable to be here, to meet with the interesting people, which work in the center, to learn is very much interesting from the life radical and even to share with their knowledge about the historical heritage. In the course of year in the halls IKTS are arranged the varnishing days of artists, creative encounters with the writers, the poets and the musicians. Are conducted the traditional holidays of Slav written language and culture, christmas musical evenings, children's charitable holidays. Easter holidays: Red hill and Zhivonosnyy source. Autumnal salons of painting, The fetovskiye musical of the meetings of era, scientific conferences and reading.

The Address & The Drawing Room

RUSSIA 306050
Kursk reg.,
Zolotukhinsk region,
m. freedom, ul.
Soviet d. 61

Phone. (071-51) 4-11-82, 4-11-83 for Russia
Phone. (251) 4-11-82, 4-11-83 for the the Kursk of obl.

Center works daily from 10:00 to 18:00 without the interruption and the weekends


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Story The Concert Hall & The Showroom
See: Historical Center Pamplet

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