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2010 Summer Report

Korennaya Hermitage 2010
2010 Summer Report

2010 Icon Pamphlet
2010 Church Pamphlet

The New Stone Church of ďThe Nativity of the Mother of GodĒ

As you can see from the photos the Church was built in the same shape and style as the old Church that was tore down by the communists. This is a beautiful Church that stands in the middle of the Monastery courtyard on the original location and even reuses the old recovered basement. They have started repairs on the Church roof that use to be the Monasteryís main Church. They have removed the roof completely. I just hope that they are able to keep and replace the original ceiling Icons as they were like walking into an open Bible. I really miss not being able to pray in this old Church this summer!

The Holy Springs have not changed much from last year. There was a new wooden dipping tank installed at the Saint Nicholas Spring. These seven Springs are very special holy places but all can be updated and repaired. The trail to these Springs needs to be widened and some of the Springs need to be repaired better so that you can even get Holy water from them. Now that the original Church courtyard has been renewed Iím looking forward to these Holy Springs to being renewed, as they are so important to this Monasteryís original site.

The new fountain was installed in the courtyard. Itís just behind the Bell Tower in the trees. I meet a young man there that was cleaning the fountain. He was from St. Petersburg and to my surprise he spoke a little English. I asked how long he was staying at the Monastery and he said ďGod willing I will always be here.Ē As it turned out he was waiting for Abbot Benjamin to return to ask for a blessing to join the monastery. Anyway the new fountain area is beautiful with the sound of the running water, two park benches next to the fountain, new green grass in the courtyard, and most of all the view of the new stone Church standing tall below you on the edge of the hill overlooking the valley below.

We missed the Kursk Root Icon Procession this year just as we did the year before. I miss this special day and hope that I can join in again on another year. Iíll never forget my first procession I was at. I was standing on top of the hill looking down at around 30,000 people attending the service at the Holy Spring and thought about how it must have felt for the people when Jesus was teaching. I was far away from the center but felt full of the over flowing of the Holy Spirit on that special day.

We also missed the return of the Kursk Root Icon on both of itís visits to itís home roots but so many others in the Kursk Region were able to venerate this Holy Icon when it was back to the Monastery. I understand this will be happening every summer now. The Kursk Root Icon had its own special procession when it visits. I hope it can spend more time in the Kursk Region as it has so many faithful Orthodox Christians that want to venerate this Holy Icon and with longer visit it would cut down on the long lines and wait times for the sick and elderly that want to also attend.

The security at the Monastery is now at all four gates. There is a guard at the main front gate and a guard at the bottom gate by the spring. They watch for dress code violations and control possible beggars. They also control foot traffic and help with questions but they mostly control the quality of everyoneís visit. The other two are at the driving gates one that goes to the Church and the other that goes down to the Holy Springs. On busy days I also saw a guard in the courtyard and by the Bell Tower.

Father Aristarkh is the new Priest for Budanovka Village newly built Church that was just completed. You can just berily see this Church across the valley from the Monastery courtyard. It was different not seeing him around the Monastery during the day. He is still a member and dose services at the Monastery, but spends most of his time helping people from Budanovka Village. Another monk Fr. Seraphim is now a priest and also Fr. Ioasaf became a priest last summer. Both have started as novices and now they are priests here at the Korennaya Monastery.

The Sts. Joakim & Anna Church completed its new addition of four steeples to itís roof. Now it looks as it did when it was first built. Fr. Vladimir from the Monastery is helping the nuns at the Skit and helps Fr. Peter at the Sts. Joakim & Anna Church. They also have built a building so that the Church can start a new Orthodox School.

It was a very hot summer in Russia this summer. We almost bought a conditioner to help us stay cooler this summer but I didnít think that our whole six weeks in Russia would be so hot but it was this summer. We finished up with most of our remodeling repairs this summer and even had to replace the main water line that comes into the house, as it broke the week after we left Svodoba.

We had a special delivery over our back gate this summer. Someone put a puppy in a plastic bag and thru it over our tall back fence. I was sitting on the back porch and watched the bag fly into the tree branches and fall to the ground knocking the air out of the bag. We kept the puppy for a few weeks looking for a permanent home for him. We almost found a home a few times but nothing was working. This was a special smart puppy with a good desposition. On our last day we were telling Fr. Aristarkh about our dog problem and he said that he needed a guard dog at the his Church. Iím sure the puppy and new Church grounds will be a nice match.

In Christ,

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