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Kursk Root Icon Returns to It's Roots

On the 23rd of September 2009, the Kursk-Root Icon, the Kursk-Root Icon Arrives in Kursk, in the presence of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, arrived in Kursk, Russia. It was greeted by local clergy and government officials and a massive crowd of faithful. Following its arrival, a service was held in the center of the city atteneded by thousands of people. The festive and historic occasion left a deep impression on all who attended.

A Kursk Root Icon Procession was done on 9-25-09 to it's home roots at the Korennaya Hermitage Monastery 30 Km North of Kursk in the Sovodoba Village. The Icon Stayed here for a few exta days as the pilgrims turnout was very large and many stayed in line for many many hours even the ill to venerate the Holy Icon at its roots. Hundereds of thousands venerated this Holy Icon during it's short stay in Russia. The Holy Icon is also planning to visit in Ukraine next summer, God Willing...

2009 Korennaya Hermitage Kursk Root Icon Service in New Stone Church


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