2006 Korennaya Hermitage Photos #08
Kursk Root Icon Statue/Fountain & Korennaya Hermitage Front Gate

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Kursk Root Icon Statue and Fountain was built in 2003. This is a high quality addition to Korennaya Hermitage. It has a large walking area all around the fountain with benches to rest on. You can see the front gates of the monastery are just across from the Kursk Root statue/fountain. Just behind the statue/fountain is the monastery hotel that is being restored. The outside has been completed but very little has been done inside over the last three years. The Russian Government was sending money to rebuild this hotel but something happened somewere and it is not being completed yet. The police station is located next door to the monastery hotel and the across from the fountain. In 2002 this lot was leveled and they blacktoped it but the next year this statue/fountain was instaled and they took up all the blacktop in the park and installed this quality cobblestones. NICE PARK!